How to take Tamoxifen in bodybuilding after a cycle

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We touch on one popular topic about tamoxifen. Here we will not go into scientific details only on the merits. The theme is “How to take tamoxifen in bodybuilding after the cycle.” Indeed, how? To be extremely precise, this is called post-cycle therapy or PCT.

Tamoxifen is an aromatase inhibitor or otherwise an anti-estrogen. During the cycle, any anabolic drug leaves its marks, decay products in the body. These breakdown products begin to increase the level of estradiol in the blood. Estradiol, in turn, causes water retention, high blood pressure, an increase in the mammary glands, and well, a decrease in the level of testosterone.

Tamoxifen action 

Before taking tamox, in bodybuilding after the cycle, let’s see what else it can:

  • Antiestrogen;
  • Splitting of adipose tissue;
  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease;
  • Normalization of the liver;
  • Stimulation of the production of testosterone.

How it all works together is incomprehensible at all. It still remains a mystery to me how it raises the level of own testosterone, but it really is, the tests were specially given.

How to take after the cycle? 

The intake of tamoxifen is often advised to combine with anastrozole, but why do not argue for the combination of these two drugs. Our opinion, this should not be done, because anastrozole is a powerful inhibitor and can cope with everything alone, why add a weakly expressed antiestrogen.

Tamoxifen is popular among budget steroid cycles. You can find out the cost of one package in the tamoxifen category, but enough for a month of continuous use.

  • Scheme of use – every day after a cycle of 20 mg per day for 2 weeks.

No fractions and separations are needed, you just throw a new batch every day and wait for the result.

Operating principle of Tamoxifen

Tamoxifen is valued for protecting against the formation of gynecomastia. We will explain now. The mammary gland has receptors, these receptors in some people are very sensitive and when exposed to anabolic steroids can swell, and gynecomastia will develop.

Tamox, entering the body, forms a kind of dummy that attaches to the receptor and does not allow steroids to act on it. So that tamoxifen can protect you, you need to start taking it at the beginning of the cycle, until testosterone has come into full force.

Side effects

Side effects can come out only with individual intolerance to the drug or with an overdose. An overdose is considered to be 80 mg or more at a time.

  • Hair loss;
  • Fever;
  • Visual impairment;
  • Headache;
  • Nausea;
  • Bone pain;
  • Itching of the perineum.


95% of athletes respond positively to tamoxifen. In bodybuilding, taking tamox is common. The drug is time-tested and goes well with anabolic steroids.


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